Fairway Charity Golf Open

Fairway Charity Golf Open

Children First FoundationAbout the Event - A Charitable Affair

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Fairway Charity Golf Open. The proceeds of the event will be donated to Children First Foundation and this charity has been chosen for this event with support from the iGaming Super Show.

Children First Foundation was founded in 1991 and works with disadvantaged families throughout Ireland. The charity operates three services; Counselling, an Intervention Programme and a Graduate Programme where "individuals of good fortune commit to children of misfortune". The aim is to help break the cycle of poverty. Mentors work with families and motivate and encourage them to bring their children to realise their dreams. These families are financially assisted to enable participation in social activities that would otherwise be out of reach. Educational supports are a key aspect of the children's development supported by Children First to reach their full potential.

Please help to make this event a memorable and successful one. Hopefully, together with your support, we can make this an annual event that will bring the gaming community together as well as raise funds for a chosen children's charity. Your contribution means a lot.

Our aim is to raise in excess of €15K for our chosen charity and in order to meet this target we have indicated further sponsorship opportunities in the form of Host, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsor packages. Click here for further information.

We are looking forward to an exciting day of golf and we are eager to discuss with you in what way you can help in supporting this event.

Contact Info:
For further information and to find out more about sponsorship opportunities in support of the Fairway Charity Golf Open, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Top Ten Reasons to Support the Fairway Charity Golf Open

There are hundreds of reasons to play golf and with planning well underway for the Fairway Charity Golf Open in support of the iGaming Super Show we thought we'd highlight exactly why golf is so good for the soul whilst highlighting some key business reasons - limited places are filling up fast!

  1. Consider a round of golf for your corporate hospitality. A much healthier way to entertain your new and existing clients and to get to know them on a more personal level
  2. Business deals are conducted every single day on a golf course. Where else can you actively play a sport and not be too out of breath to seal the deal?
  3. It's for a good cause. So please get in touch and help us make this a hugely successful charity initiative
  4. Camaraderie is easy on the golf course. You can meet up with old acquaintances and make new ones on the course then back at the bar afterwards
  5. The game of golf is a great character builder. Since it can be frustrating at times, you'll have plenty of practice learning to control your temper and being a good sport
  6. Golf is good for your competitive spirit. Keep score and don't forget to count every putt
  7. Golf is a challenging sport. Many professional golfers admit that it's a game of misses, so no one is perfect and everyone has room to improve
  8. Handicaps systems. Golf is one of the only sports where beginners can take on the seasoned pros all at the same level
  9. Travel for golf. You can always enjoy your business trips more if you have a round of golf to look forward to as part of the trip
  10. The exercise factor is high. Whether you walk the course or take a cart, you're still moving and getting a workout without too much effort. Just try not to drink more calories than you burn